Welcome Home

Earth can be overwhelming sometimes. We lose ourselves within endless possibilities and choices. The fear of failing, the pressure of having a perfect life and society’s expectations create a big wall, which makes it impossible to see our true self.

Every new day I try to rip one brick out of this wall. Poetry and writing helps me. Because I have a strong bond to the woods, I call myself silvan poet.

Panel 1


I believe there is a true brave soul in me.

But why is fear always holding me back from being who I want to be? And who do I really want to be, rather than me? Me, I want to be – me.

Here on this wall of words I will reflect on my journey towards my true inner self  wrapped up in poems, stories and song lyrics. Find them in the “fundament“.

Panel 2

Write Me

If you have anything on your mind, tell me.


Images used:
Space: Kyle Gregory Devaras
Wrting Hand: Green Chameleon
Chain of Lights: included in Template
The Rest: by myself